WINNER: Best Use of SendGrid

WINNER: Best Use of TokBox API

WINNER: Most Viral

GeoCash lets you leave money for your friends at specific Foursquare locations. Send a birthday gift, falafel recommendation, proof of sincerity for a "Sorry I couldn't be there!", or even organize a scavenger hunt!

Select a Foursquare friend, a specific venue, a payment amount, and a custom note. Your friend will receive an email notification of your gift via SendGrid, and can claim the payment the next time they check in at the venue on Foursquare. Upon check-in, GeoCash initiates a secure Venmo payment, available immediately.

Tech specs: GeoCash is a mobile-optimized web app that uses Python on Flask, MongoDB hosted on, Heroku, HTML5, Bootstrap, JavaScript, and three fantastic APIs.

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