WINNER: Best Dwolla API Hack

Wagerize (Whey-Jhur-eyez) is the best way to make bets among your friends. With our social platform, make games to bid on the outcomes of your friends' lives. When you're satisfied, cash out through raffles or charity: either way, enjoy online gambling legally. "Will Johnny get that summer internship at Google?" Put your money where your mouth is--Wagerize it.

A major component of our project was our integration between the Facebook API and the Ruby on Rails development platform. Due to the rapidly changing pace of the Facebook Dev API, the limited documentation available for Rails, and our eagerness to incorporate the number one social media platform into our social media app, we wrote an interface between the two. Our interface allows for friends to share their games with other friends, and for seamless login with both their Facebook account and their Wagerize account.

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