WINNER: Best Mobile Hack

Dapp is an Android framework that allows users to install "temporary apps" that will automatically uninstall themselves from the users phone once a set amount of time has passed.

It is intended to liberate the power of an app in cases where the user only needs the features for a short period of time. This may be a few minutes in a restaurant, an hour at a store, all day at an amusement park, or all weekend at a conference.

In our demo the users initiates the process via NFC, but could do it through a number of other means includes QR codes, Bluetooth, WiFi pairing, etc. They well then be asked how long they would like to allow the particular business access to their device. The temporary app will then install itself and behave exactly like any other Android up until the time limit is up. At this point Dapp will automatically trigger the uninstillation of the app.

Our system supports any apk file so that companies can use it to accelerate the use of their existing apps.

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